Ways to find an employee

If you have your own business and you are wondering where to look for the staff? We have prepared an article that will help simplify the search for employees.

Do you know the situation when there were very few responses to the vacancy you have posted? There are two main reasons for the weak response of candidates: or you have a wrong job posting, or you do not post it on the right site.

Staff recruitment can be compared with fishing. To peck the fish you need, you should hook it on the right bait and in the place where this fish can be found. And in order to “catch” a valuable employee, you need to post vacancy announcements on those resources where suitable candidates are found. Incorrect placement of ads leads to the fact that you miss the time and lose valuable candidates.

In this article you will find information about the most effective sources of search for employees, using which you can select employees in various professional fields.

Job search sites

The most popular and effective sources of personnel search are job sites. They allow you to get the maximum number of responses per vacancy with the minimum amount of time. There are three main ways of using this kind of sites for the employers:

           1.   You can post job ads for free. In this case the more sites you cover, the better;

2.    Paid job placement allows you to stand out among employers by creating a unique design for your job posting;

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3.    If you do not want to wait for the candidates to respond, you can independently get unlimited access to the database of applicants’ resumes. There are three main ways of using this kind of sites for the employers.

Choose such sites that allow you

·         to add hyperlinks to the ad text and redirect candidates to the resource you need;

·         use the test creation function;

·          direct the candidate to fill in the questionnaire instead of sending his or her resume;

·         automatically sort the candidates according to your requirements.

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