Social networks

Today, social networks are widely used for business contacts and job search. Employers are increasingly turning to social networks to search for specialists. Do you want your vacancy announcement to be maximized in record time?

·         post an eye-catching ad(one of the undoubted advantages of this placement is the ability to add links to questionnaires, questionnaires and testing in the post);

·         we also advise you to pay attention to groups and communities(refer to the communities created to communicate professionals in certain areas; for example, the community of programmers);

The most popular social networks for job search are Facebook and LinkedIn. LinkedIn is a social network created to establish business contacts. Here you will find more than 400 million representatives from different business areas. LinkedIn network is most effective in finding top managers. Facebook is one of the world’s largest social networks. It is visited by more than one and a half billion users per month.

Freelance sites

If you need an employee for remote work, describe your project: clearly state the result to be achieved, and your requirements. Place your ad on the freelancer’s forums – and choose the most suitable offer for you on terms of implementation and payment.

If you need a narrow specialist, use the forums on which these specialists can communicate. In order to attract specialists from such forums, you need to make a lot of effort. It takes a long correspondence and the ability to communicate in their language to attract their attention by the vacancy. All these actions make sense if such a specialist for your company is worth its weight in gold.

The site of the company

Your company’s website is an effective source of personnel search. Therefore, it is very important for it to contain a “Jobs” section, in which candidates could find out about open vacancies and leave their CVs. Many applicants purposefully browse the websites of companies in which they would like to work, hoping to see open vacancies there. The advantage of such candidates is that they have a sincere interest in your company and the motivation to work there.

Since many applicants will look at the site during off-hours, it is advisable to include an electronic form in the vacancies section so that the candidate has the opportunity to leave his or her contact information or send a question at any time.

Now you know the main sources of personnel search. Keep in mind that before placing vacancy announcements you must have a portrait of an ideal candidate. This will help you choose the resources that are more likely to attract the attention of the employees you need.

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