How to promote a site

What are the opportunities of promoting a website?

There are many possibilities in order to make your site flourished.

1. Guest Posts

This is a very powerful tool that works well. For this you need:

– find suitable sites for you (websites or blogs)

– to offer them material (relevant and useful topics)

– write quality content

– place on the site and get feedback

If you take the promotion of English-language sites, then this is one of the best ways to draw attention to your site and business.

2. Forums

Thematic forums can provide a good flow of targeted transitions to the site. Need to:

– make a list of such forums

– register for them

– actively lead discussions

Almost every topic has a bunch of subject forums where a normal audience sits, which can also go to your website.


Comments are a great tool to attract attention, visitors and back links to the site. Need to:

– find thematic sites and blogs where there is activity

– ask provocative questions

– leave more than detailed answers

People love it. As practice shows, works great in terms of attracting visitors.

5. Social networks

Social networks work great and if you submit constantly cool content to them, you can get excellent results.

At least you need:

– create pages on main sites (Facebook, Vkontakte, Twitter, Google +, Odnoklassniki)

– think about options for how to serve content

– add people as friends

– attract subscribers to company pages

– constantly submit interesting content

– increase the volume

6. Bulletin boards

Bulletin boards are a good tool. They have tens of thousands of people selling goods and services daily. And very quickly. With the help of bulletin boards you can sell normally, as well as attract visitors, so at least you need to try it.

7. Competition

Contests are a good way to attract visitors to the site. To make it free you need:

– have a good idea and idea

– find sponsors

– organize

Often, not even big contests can give a normal return. The main thing to think about the idea and benefit, both for themselves and the user.

8. Useful content on the site

For example, you can write:

– articles instructions (how to do something)

– cases (how did you do it)

– reviews (something useful)

Options about what to write a lot, you just need to do it. Plus optimize articles for low-frequency queries.

All these positions show that every customer will be able to make his site flourished and in this case, your revenue exceeds costs.

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