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VueMinder Ultimate 2016.05 Final

VueMinder Ultimate - программа, которая поможет систематизировать ваше время. Составьте себе расписание и получайте напоминания когда угодно и где угодно. Получайте всю информацию о встречах, заданиях и записях, просто взглянув на прозрачный календарь, который находится прямо на вашем рабочем столе. Открывайте совместный доступ к календарю на работе, дома или в Интернете. Автоматическая синхронизация календаря с Google Calendar и Outlook. Вы сможете распечатать календарь, используя любой из предоставленных стилей и шаблонов. Вы сможете запланировать и сделать очень много с помощью VueMinder Calendar.

Основные возможности:
* Гибкие опции напоминаний
* Синхронизация с Google Calendar
* Возможность интеграции в Microsoft Outlook и Excel
* Встроенный календарь рабочего стола
* Возможность полностью настроить то, как отображаются записи в календаре
* Возможность просматривать день, неделю, месяц и т.д.
* Открывайте общий доступ к календарю по локальной сети
* Отправляйте весь календарь или отдельные встречи и напоминания по электронной почте
* Управление данными
* И много других функций…

Take control of your schedule and get reminded wherever and however you want. Instantly access your appointments, tasks, and notes with a simple glance at a transparent calendar that sits right on your Windows desktop. Share calendars and reminders in your home, office, or online. Automatically synchronize with Google Calendar and Outlook. Print calendars using a wide variety of layouts and styles. You can do all these things and much more with VueMinder Calendar.

Version 2016.05 (April 6, 2016)
* Added the ability to specify an interval for yearly recurring events. For example, a recurring event can now be defined to occur every 4 years.
* Added an option share calendar group names. When this option is disabled, you can organize your shared calendars into whatever group names you'd like, and those group names won't appear on other computers.
* Improved compatibility with SMTP email servers, especially email servers that use port 465 and SSL. Configuring VueMinder to send email reminders should be much easier now.
* Improved performance, especially when adding calendars, deleting recurring events, and performing other operations that affect a lot of data.
* Improved the Status Bar to show an indication when syncing with Google Calendar has failed, along with an explanation of what is causing the problem.
* Improved the Help menu to include an option for viewing these release notes.
* Corrected the Google authorization webpage to only appear one time, instead of opening each time VueMinder attempts to sync with Google. If authorization is denied, no further requests will be shown.
* Corrected the Add Google Calendar window to not allow the same calendar to be added multiple times to VueMinder.
* Corrected the Add Google Calendar window not show an error message if the calendar list is expanded by the user before the list has fully initialized.
* Corrected auto-snoozed desktop alerts to not show a snooze warning message if the reminder is for an event that has already started.
* Corrected the description editor after a plain text description has been saved and re-opened. The text editor will show the previously saved plain text value, rather than a version containing HTML tags.
* Corrected pasting images into the description editor using Ctrl+V. In some cases, pressing Ctrl+V would have no effect.
* Corrected a problem where the color of the high priority type would change when the right-click Quick Color option is used to color a note.
* Corrected the right-click menu in the Priority editor window to not allow the "none" priority to be deleted.
* Corrected the toolbar in the USB version to not show a "Buy Now" button if data was transferred to the USB version from the trial version.
* Corrected the Polish translation.
* Translated into Japanese.
* Other minor corrections and improvements.

Информация о программе:
Год выпуска: 2016
Платформа: Windows® 10/8/8.1/XP/Vista/7
Язык интерфейса: Многоязычный + Русификатор
Лекарство: Keygen-DA
Размер файла: 16.33 MB

Скачать VueMinder Ultimate 2016.05 Final

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