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Razor - Discography+bootlegs (1984-2007) скачать бесплатно

Автор: maodzydyn от 19-01-2016, 15:20
Razor - Discography+bootlegs (1984-2007)

Исполнитель: Razor
Страна: Канада (Guelph, Ontario)
Название: Discography+bootlegs
Жанр: Thrash Metal, Speed Metal
Год: 1984-2007
Формат: mp3 CBR 192-320 Kbs, VBR 256
Размер архива: 1,52 ГБ


Armed and Dangerous (EP) - 1984
1.The End
2.Killer Instinct
3.Hot Metal
4.Armed and Dangerous
5.Take This Torch
6.Ball and Chain
7.Fast and Loud

Escape the Fire (Demo) - 1984
1.City of Damnation
2.Time Bomb
3.Distant Thunder
5.Metal Avenger
6.Heavy Metal Attack
7.Frost Bite
8.Death Race
9.Ready for Action
10.Escape the Fire
11.March of Death

Executioner's Song - 1985
1.Take This Torch
2.Fast and Loud
3.City of Damnation
4.Escape the Fire
5.March of Death
6.Distant Thunder
7.Hot Metal
10.Time Bomb
11.The End

Evil Invaders - 1985
1.Nowhere Fast
2.Cross Me Fool
3.Legacy of Doom
4.Evil Invaders
5.Iron Hammer
6.Instant Death
7.Cut Throat
8.Speed Merchants
9.Tortured Skull

Malicious Intent - 1986
1.Tear Me to Pieces
2.Night Attack
4.Cage the Ragers
5.Malicious Intent
6.Rebel Onslaught
8.Challenge the Eagles
9.Stand Before Kings
10.High Speed Metal

Custom Killing - 1987
1.Survival of the Fittest
3.Forced Annihilation
4.Last Rites
5.Snake Eyes
6.White Noise
7.Going Under
8.Russian Ballet

Violent Restitution - 1988
1.The Marshall Arts
3.Taste the Floor
4.Behind Bars
5.Below the Belt
6.I'll Only Say It Once
8.Violent Restitution
9.Out of the Game
10.Edge of the Razor
11.Eve of the Storm
13.Fed Up
14.Soldier of Fortune

Shotgun Justice - 1990
2.United by Hatred
3.Violence Condoned
4.Electric Torture
5.Meaning of Pain
6.Stabbed in the Back
7.Shotgun Justice
9.American Luck
10.Brass Knuckles
11.Burning Bridges
13.Cranial Stomp
14.The Pugilist

Open Hostility - 1991
1.In Protest
2.Sucker for Punishment
3.Bad Vibrations
4.Road Gunner
6.Red Money
7.Free Lunch
8.Iron Legions
9.Mental Torture
11.I Disagree
12.End of the War

Exhumed (Compilation)- 1994

Disk 1
1.Killer Instinct
2.Armed and Dangerous
3.Take This Torch
4.Fast and Loud
5.City of Damnation
7.Cross Me Fool
8.Evil Invaders
9.Iron Hammer
10.Instant Death
11.Speed Merchants
12.Thrash Dance
15.Forced Annihilation
16.Snake Eyes

Disk 2
1.The Marshall Arts
2.Behind Bars
3.Below the Belt
5.Violent Restitution
6.Edge of the Razor
7.Soldier of Fortune
9.Electric Torture
10.Meaning of Pain
11.Shotgun Justice
13.Brass Knuckles
15.The Pugilist
16.In Protest
17.Bad Vibrations
18.Road Gunner
19.Free Lunch
20.Iron Legions
22.End of the War

Decibels - 1997
2.Jimi the Fly
3.Life Sentence
5.The Game
6.Great White Lie
7.Open Hostility
8.Nine Dead
9.Goof Soup
10.Violence... Gun Control
11.Instant Death 1997 Version (bonus track)


Bootleds List:
1. 1984 - Larry’s Hideaway (Toronto, 27.10.1984)
2. 1987 - Pre-Violent Restitution (Rehearsal)
3. 1988 - Silver Dollar (Toronto, 18.03.1988)
4. 2002 - Legacy of Doom (Toronto, 12.07.85)
5. 2005 - Live in Montreal (Le Spectrum, Quebec 10.12.2005)
6. 2007 - Evil Inviders Alive (Toronto, 10.05.1985)

Продолжительность: 13:09:30

Скачать Razor - Discography+bootlegs (1984-2007)

Теги: MP3, Thrash Metal, Speed Metal

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